Bizarre plan to regulate the size of chicken schnitzels

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“HANDS off our schnitz.”

Thats the rallying cry of punters in Adelaide, where a bizarre plan has been hatched to crackdown on oversized portions of chicken schnitzel.

The nanny state has hit its peak in South Australia, with government-funded waste watchdog Keep South Australia Beautiful calling for the serving size of the classic pub fare to be regulated.

The reason? Apparently the mouth-watering dish is ending up in landfill.

KSAB boss John Phillips says the organisation is in talks with the State Government to trial the measure, which would force pubs and restaurants to downsize their schnitz.

Sometimes I watch the body language of people when the meal comes out their jaw drops literally when they see the size of some of the meals and a lot of the product is left on the plate, Mr Phillips told the ABC.

This is about educating people to look at their habits or behaviour so they can take a personal responsibility.

But the Australian Hotels Associations Ian Horne dubbed the plan a commercial disaster, saying it was a bit harsh to blame the poor schnitzel for all the woes of landfill.

Where do you draw the line? Do you start setting a standard for how many seeds and grains must be in a multigrain roll? Mr Horne said.

Social media users were equally unimpressed, pointing out the array of common sense solutions to the food waste problem.

Ask for a doggy bag, Michael Battista tweeted.